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As a member of the Pioneer Title family of companies, PNEN has access to many different data sources that compliment your research on current and future land projects. Some of our offerings are below and are subject to change based on data availability…

For more information on any of these offerings, please contact us at 208.467.0135 or email [email protected]

Ada and Canyon County
Mapping and Parcel Data

  • Comprehensive Mapping Program
  • Residential Farming Packages
  • Commercial Farming Package
  • Custom Maps and Aerial Photos
  • In-Depth Subject Property Research
  • Market Area Reports
  • School Districts

Demographic Research

  • Demographic Snapshots of Age, Gender, Household Income, Marital Status, Etc.
  • Area Maps 1-30 Mile Radius Searches
  • Nationwide Searches on Area code, Physical Address, Zip code, Intersection
  • Adjacent Ownership Information
  • High-Definition Aerials
  • Flood Maps
  • Traffic Counts

Geographic Farming and Prospecting

  • Commercial, Residential, and Common Data
  • Ability to obtain Physical Trait Characteristics on Individual and Multiple Properties
  • Radius Searches
  • Zip Code Searches
  • Street Name, and Intersectional Searches
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Group and Type of Businesses


  • Area’s First Full Self-Service Customer Service System
  • Web Based 24/7 Access